This site uses a zero to three star scale for rating games (plus an “exceptional” rating for games that aren’t only good, but great.)  So there are only five possible scores a game can get.  Why limit myself to five?


The problem I have with using a one to ten scale (with scores that lie in between whole numbers) is that it’s hard to maintain consistency in scores.  What’s the difference between a 7.5 and an 8.0?  Probably nothing significant.  But what about the difference between an 8.0 and an 8.5?  No difference still.  But then does that mean there’s no difference between a 7.5 and an 8.5?  There probably is, but it’s never consistent.  Limiting the number of possible scores makes it easier to consistently score games of equal quality at the same rating.


If a one to ten scale (with half-values) is used then you have a total of 20 possible scores a game can receive.  What’s the difference between any of them?  The amount of nuance is wasted since no two people are going to remember the same 20 classifications or even have the same idea of what they should be.  So instead of being able to classify a game based on its quality, the rating becomes a “yay scale” which represents how much fun a game was for one person.  How is that useful to anyone but that one person at that one point in time?

Why even bother rating games then?  Well, I still think there’s merit to comparing and contrasting games by their rating.  Sure, you can compare the content of the review for each game but that’s an unnecessarily tedious process.  As long as games are rated consistently, and those ratings actually stand for some sort of classification, then the review should make a clear case that defends that game’s classification.  I would hope that contrasting games of entirely different genres would help to reveal the strengths of games in general.  Any review on this site is meant to be compared with any other review here as well.

Review Guides

Revision 2:

4/4: It’s hard to come up with ways this game could be improved.
3/4: A couple of key flaws that detract from an otherwise very good experience.
2/4: While an enjoyable game, it is not hard to envision how this game could be much better.
1/4: It is difficult, but not impossible to enjoy this game.
0/4: The entire game should have been scrapped.

Revision 3:

Summarized in this blog post.

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