Review: Trials Evolution [3/3]

   With Trials, there’s no need to mess with success.

Trials Evolution, at its core, is still the same game as Trials HD: a game about jumping dirt bikes through increasingly challenging levels.  Set against a 2D plane, the player controls the bike’s throttle and forward rotation.  The basic controls are fundamentally no different than that of Excitebike.  What Trials adds to the formula though is a more advanced simulation of dirt bike physics.  Everything from traction, to the position of the rider, the shocks on the bike, and momentum become factors in how you proceed through each leg of each course.  RedLynx knows this, and later courses force the player to be aware of these factors and to master control of them.  It’s a surprisingly satisfying process learning to play the game.  In addition, Trials Evolution has improved it’s online components (though the core of the game is what’s evaluated in the score) and has included an extensive level editor as well.  It’s a great value as far as downloadable titles go and a great game as well.

Rating: 3/3

See also: Trailer, Official Site, More thoughts at Ruminatron5000

Buy it on Xbox Live

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