Micro Review: Aliens: Infestation [1/3]

  A shallow and underwhelming excursion into the world of Alien

I can’t help but get excited about a game that blends Contra, Castlevania, and Aliens (which is undoubtedly one of my favorite movie experiences of all time.) Unfortunately though, while Infestation does an excellent job of bringing the atmosphere of the Alien series to the DS, the gameplay is very underwhelming. The game can offer tense exploration of several different locations utilizing weapons pulled straight from Aliens. Your “lives” are essentially individual marines which are given short back stories and unique dialogue. One appears on the screen at a time, and several others wait in reserve in the event that the player is killed. Losing a marine can be disappointing, but it’s unfortunately the only way that the player can acquire new characters if their team is already full. And oddly, many characters are given personalities that feel entirely out of place for the game (for instance, a Korean girl that sits around texting — in space (where no one can hear you scream.)) Combat is initially an engaging part of the game but becomes either routine after upgrading your weapons, or entirely irrelevant during boss battles that have no discernible strategies for winning. These battles are reduced to simply unloading magazines of bullets and sacrificing marines until the boss is dispatched. If you are a fan of the Alien series, Infestation is fun but shallow. Otherwise you’ll be better served by watching the movies or playing a Castlevania game instead.

Rating: 1/3

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  1. December 28th, 2011
  2. May 6th, 2012

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